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Is there one place for all the smart marketers and sales professionals to share their ideas?

August 29, 2010

Aside form on the web, is there one place for the smart marketing and sales professionals to share all of their ideas? Is there a mashable for just business development, marketing and sales ideas? If not should there be one. With all the information that we have out there  is there on location that we can all share ideas, thoughts, tactics, successes and failures.

The other night I was having dinner with a number of marketing professionals that focus on the local markets. One of the claiverent take aways was there was no simple answer, there is no magic bullet (though we are all looking for one) In fact one of the great unknown secrets of the in the marketing information product inner circles is that there is a list that they pass from on to the other of rabid buyers. Those folks that are always looking for the “new thing” and will buy those products.

However, is there or should there be a forum for discussions for the local marketing experts and those looking to learn what is new and what is work. No hype no selling no pimping just ideas thoughts and musings. I think there should so i am starting on look for this blog for the url for the community.


When the student is ready the teacher will come.

August 28, 2010

Wednesdays data Twitter 457/831 LI 370 FB 216/186 Thursday T478/654 LI 389 FB 217/191 Friday FB 218/193, LI 393. T497/705 Saturday T 498/798 LI 412 FB 223/193

Going back to the original questions that we posted at the beginning of the week, where does social media play into our strategies?  The point that I have come to it is a tactic and great source of communications both ways but not a business. The business most deliver a valued product and service to your clients and services and either creat a new need or solve a current problem or need.

Lessons learned on the true value of Social Media: I have been following some great groups discussions and have learned so much in the past week. I highly recommend following linked in groups for areas that you are interested in. Twitter has been a wonderful source of marketing information for me to share with clients and friends. This is in real-time and good stuff for all. Facebook has been a great way to connect this week with friends from High School and learn about some great marketing seminars coming up and also grow my follower and follow lists.

The community is about sharing and learning and growing and giving back not about selling and yelling out load buy my stuff buy my stuff. It is sharing passions and knowledge and information and growing socially and professionally in what we do.

I have learned so much in a short amount of time really am enjoying the journey, and in the end isn’t that what it is all about.

Are we all connectors in our own way?

August 24, 2010

Here is the states from over the weekend Twitter 457 L/I 370 F/B 216 self 186 company.

This weekend I watched The Jones which is a fascinating movie in itself and every marketer and seller should watch this Are we all a connectors in some way for something at some time. I think that the new way to sell will be through connection, through social networks, through our hub and through our connection to others. We all connect in some shape and form.

This begs my question that should we connect to connect or should be selective. I would appreciate all thoughts on this.

So what are you passionate about, who do you connect, how you connect

Sales 2.0. I have seen the future and it is Social Prospecting

August 20, 2010

Today’s stats li 349 twitter 413 fb 216.

At beginning of August I listen to a wonderful seminar/webinar by Nigel Edelshain about Sales 2.0 and social prospecting it was excellent, a must see and learn for all sales people, we all need to learn, study breath and eat this information.

Yesterday I mused about why I was doing this, what was objective why should one be doing this. I think this seminar brings it all together for me we are trying to achieve easier ways for people to look to myself and company as the source that we are for lead generation and marketing to the affluent. Our goal is to help our customers find leads and business from affluent homeowners.

The reason I started this was to create my inbound marketing to my company, to create and post live content that help our customers and friends learn to market better and create a constant source of leads and business to their business.

Are we really connecting or just gathering names and followers?

August 19, 2010

Has I mentioned yesterday I have been thinking long and hard about what my goals are with my social media strategies. My goals are to: (1) Learn has much has I can to use Social Media to Increase my Companies revenue and help my clients with this medium. (2) Really connect with some great bright minds on marketing, sales, social media and advertising. I want to connect with passionate people and learn from them and teach what I learn to others. (3) Prove and test is this is the real deal, is this the future, or is it only one quill in my arrow bag?

Stats has this AM LI 443, FB 215 (me) 185 company Twitter 422 Scribd 3. Yelp has listed my company and I can find it through Yelp on FB. Google Maps has the correct telephone and url (Finally) but not the correct address. I have conected with LI on how to change my Company Profile and need to correct this over the weekend to increase my presence.

I realize the tweinds really is a flawed model at the end of the I saw that i lost almost 30 followers, through twiends they only stay on for 1-2 days then leave they only do this to stay on for the credits. This goes back to my original statement and choices. So i am only connecting with cool people who have great things to share and are passionate about what the topics that I am interested in and passionate about.

Lesssons learned no need to buy friends or do other tricks to try to get followers, just be passionate about something share what you know learn from others and share that over and over, build your own community and follow those that can make a difference in your life and to give you value.

Why do we do this? Does social media work for the small to medium business? My first client that we can track from off the web

August 18, 2010

The world-wide web, blending online and off-line marketing to drive business to ones door. The start of this project was to see if we can utilize the social media and online marketing to find business coming in the door and also to see what ratio of new business comes in from the online world.

The other day we received our first new client that stated that they found us on the web. It has to be from posting  that I have done on-line I assume it was from a google search but I have no way of know this yet.

Listing of Books to add to our master list 33 million People in the Room, Six Pixels of separation.

One of the items that I have been asking myself is am I asking myself is am I gather followers to gather followers or am I having meaningful conversations learning real things about marketing and growing real conversations, I saw a great online video today from the author of Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuk his basic premise was be passionate about what you do and build a passionate community don’t just gather followers gather and create a passionate community.

What am I passionate about: Marketing and Sales and learning techniques that work that I can bring to my clients to help them grow their business. I want to grow my knowledge so that I can help my clients grow.The other item that I have noticed was that those that were at the top of the social pyramids are very nice and approachable and want to share. I do agree that content is king and everyone just wants fresh content and to learn and grow and to be carried new information to their communities.

Action taken today: continued grow followers on L/I and F/B and Twitter. Added more credits to my twiends account. I also added Scrib today to my arsenal. I love this ap. I want to learn has much as I can about this newest item. I also want to learn as much as I can about WordPress.

Stats as of July 31 2010, Month 1 of our Journey starting on August 1, 2010

August 17, 2010

Stats to at the begining of August it will only go up from here :

Facebook Fans 198

Twitter followers 258 personal 35 for rsvp

Link’in connects 190

Twitter accounts 2 Blogs 2 Websites 2

Blog post 3

Ebooks 2, White Papers 2,

Books 0

Podcasts 0, Webinars 0, Teleseminars 0,

Webinars attended 4, Seminars attended 0,

Books read to date: World Wide Rave, The New PR, Marketing, Meatball Sundae, Twitterville, Socia Media Black Book, What Would Google DO

Hello World it is me Nicholas Loise is anyone out there

August 17, 2010

The world of social media is expanding each and every day, as a marketer and a entrepeneur I knew that I needed to learn, expand, master social media and marketing. So I decided to hold a year long experiment broken down into 90 day increments

During this experiment I am going to learn as much as i possible can about utilzing the web to grow my business, grow my followers, and increase my knowledge and mastery of marketing on line and with soical media. But most imporantly i am looking to see if it is a way to grow a business and make meney and create a new topic of mastery for myslf.

So this project which I am call the Social Media notebook will be a collection of my progress and my notes and lessons learned for every to learn from and create their own action plan,