Why do we do this? Does social media work for the small to medium business? My first client that we can track from off the web

The world-wide web, blending online and off-line marketing to drive business to ones door. The start of this project was to see if we can utilize the social media and online marketing to find business coming in the door and also to see what ratio of new business comes in from the online world.

The other day we received our first new client that stated that they found us on the web. It has to be from postingĀ  that I have done on-line I assume it was from a google search but I have no way of know this yet.

Listing of Books to add to our master list 33 million People in the Room, Six Pixels of separation.

One of the items that I have been asking myself is am I asking myself is am I gather followers to gather followers or am I having meaningful conversations learning real things about marketing and growing real conversations, I saw a great online video today from the author of Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuk his basic premise was be passionate about what you do and build a passionate community don’t just gather followers gather and create a passionate community.

What am I passionate about: Marketing and Sales and learning techniques that work that I can bring to my clients to help them grow their business. I want to grow my knowledge so that I can help my clients grow.The other item that I have noticed was that those that were at the top of the social pyramids are very nice and approachable and want to share. I do agree that content is king and everyone just wants fresh content and to learn and grow and to be carried new information to their communities.

Action taken today: continued grow followers on L/I and F/B and Twitter. Added more credits to my twiends account. I also added Scrib today to my arsenal. I love this ap. I want to learn has much as I can about this newest item. I also want to learn as much as I can about WordPress.


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