Are we really connecting or just gathering names and followers?

Has I mentioned yesterday I have been thinking long and hard about what my goals are with my social media strategies. My goals are to: (1) Learn has much has I can to use Social Media to Increase my Companies revenue and help my clients with this medium. (2) Really connect with some great bright minds on marketing, sales, social media and advertising. I want to connect with passionate people and learn from them and teach what I learn to others. (3) Prove and test is this is the real deal, is this the future, or is it only one quill in my arrow bag?

Stats has this AM LI 443, FB 215 (me) 185 company Twitter 422 Scribd 3. Yelp has listed my company and I can find it through Yelp on FB. Google Maps has the correct telephone and url (Finally) but not the correct address. I have conected with LI on how to change my Company Profile and need to correct this over the weekend to increase my presence.

I realize the tweinds really is a flawed model at the end of the I saw that i lost almost 30 followers, through twiends they only stay on for 1-2 days then leave they only do this to stay on for the credits. This goes back to my original statement and choices. So i am only connecting with cool people who have great things to share and are passionate about what the topics that I am interested in and passionate about.

Lesssons learned no need to buy friends or do other tricks to try to get followers, just be passionate about something share what you know learn from others and share that over and over, build your own community and follow those that can make a difference in your life and to give you value.


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