When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Wednesdays data Twitter 457/831 LI 370 FB 216/186 Thursday T478/654 LI 389 FB 217/191 Friday FB 218/193, LI 393. T497/705 Saturday T 498/798 LI 412 FB 223/193

Going back to the original questions that we posted at the beginning of the week, where does social media play into our strategies?  The point that I have come to it is a tactic and great source of communications both ways but not a business. The business most deliver a valued product and service to your clients and services and either creat a new need or solve a current problem or need.

Lessons learned on the true value of Social Media: I have been following some great groups discussions and have learned so much in the past week. I highly recommend following linked in groups for areas that you are interested in. Twitter has been a wonderful source of marketing information for me to share with clients and friends. This is in real-time and good stuff for all. Facebook has been a great way to connect this week with friends from High School and learn about some great marketing seminars coming up and also grow my follower and follow lists.

The community is about sharing and learning and growing and giving back not about selling and yelling out load buy my stuff buy my stuff. It is sharing passions and knowledge and information and growing socially and professionally in what we do.

I have learned so much in a short amount of time really am enjoying the journey, and in the end isn’t that what it is all about.


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