Is there one place for all the smart marketers and sales professionals to share their ideas?

Aside form on the web, is there one place for the smart marketing and sales professionals to share all of their ideas? Is there a mashable for just business development, marketing and sales ideas? If not should there be one. With all the information that we have out there  is there on location that we can all share ideas, thoughts, tactics, successes and failures.

The other night I was having dinner with a number of marketing professionals that focus on the local markets. One of the claiverent take aways was there was no simple answer, there is no magic bullet (though we are all looking for one) In fact one of the great unknown secrets of the in the marketing information product inner circles is that there is a list that they pass from on to the other of rabid buyers. Those folks that are always looking for the “new thing” and will buy those products.

However, is there or should there be a forum for discussions for the local marketing experts and those looking to learn what is new and what is work. No hype no selling no pimping just ideas thoughts and musings. I think there should so i am starting on look for this blog for the url for the community.


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