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Postioning yourself if the marketplace. Do you have a long term or short term.

September 26, 2010

Every decision has a longer term effect on it then we think. When we talk about positioning our company, ourselves and what we do in the marketplace there is the short term effect and the longer term effect. The short term effect is easy to see and judge, the longer term effect is more difficult to quantify over time.
In reading Blue Ocean Strategy there was a great quote On watching your competition but not following your competition. Every day I meet with companies that are jumping in feet first to follow their competition without thinking about the long term strategy on why we should be doing this or most importantly why we should not be doing this.

So from today forward, watch but don’t follow.

Social Media status: Twitter 650 follower/907 following, Facebook 395/200, Linked In over 500+ I have also realized the key is to focus on the quality of the followers and the engagement not just grabbing numbers.


So What are you doing about it?

September 19, 2010

This is the question that I have in my mind more and more as I meet with clients and prospects. When I ask the simple question to prospects: So how is business? and the answer bad. I always want to follow-up with so what are you doing about it. If business is bad what are you doing about it. Do you have new lead generation campaigns that are continuous and ongoing? Do you call old leads? Are you mailing old leads with new offers? Are you working on referrals or with center of influence or center of connections to drive new people into the pipeline? Is you pipe line full or is it stagnant.
Hope is not a strategy. Waiting for more is not a strategy, the world rewards forward movement and progress so along the way you need to do something, either old or new or different . But the key is to do something about it.

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The social media experiment Week 7:

Books, Friend with benefits, Linchpin Stats Twitter 634/921 FB 281/198 LI 500+

Leads, Leads Leads

September 10, 2010

No business can survive without them, we all need them even in our personal lives. But we really never attempt to define what they are. In business a lead is not a listing of names from the phonebook or D/B it is a person that has raised his or her hand and stated simply yes I would like some more information about you and your company. However, who and how many people raise their hands are all dependent on how much work you do on the front end. Do you do inbound and outbound marketing. Do you have the a value proposition that really is different. Do you do all the things necessary to make that person want to raise their hand and state yes I want to work with you.

Lead generation is a funny thing, and lead nurturing is a very exact science. It is not for the faint at heart and must be done every day over and over and over. There in lies the rub, it must be done every day and over and over it is not something that you can do once a month or even a week and say that we are done. You must do it every day.

How to do it, well that is a different story for a tomorrow.

Stats as of Thursday September 9th

FB Fans 259/194 Twitter 601/871 Linked In 500++

The need for a postive attitude at all times.

September 3, 2010

It has been said that when the student is ready the teacher will come.

Last evening while working out and watching the Chicago Bears game, I was struck by the halftime piece on Corey Wotton, the Chicago Bears defensive lineman and Northwest Graducate.

Corey was a standout defenseive lineman on the NW Wildcats who was injured in the Collge Football All Star game, he injured his ACLS while attempting to sack a quarter back. So what does all that mean.

Well it meant that he wsa not drafted that year and had to go through rehibilation, it also meant that the next year he was not drafted in the first two days, one of his dreams. What did happen was that he drafted much later in the draft and is fighting for a spot on the Chicago Bears.

Throughout the interview he stressed the need to stay positive. the fact that he could not allow himself to become negative and have negative thoughts. He stated that he had no time for that he needed to push on and keep moving towards his goal.

As the Bears are finalizing their roosters, I can only hope they find a spot for this wonderful young man filled with hope and desire and perseverance. Something that we all can learn from.

As for me I was reminded of an important trait It is easy to go negative it is hard to stay positive and focused. Corey I am thankful for you reminding me of this and I will never forget your message.

Growing a new product lessons learned

September 3, 2010

We have added a new product to our offering a mobile billboard which is a wonderful opportunity for company’s to participate in a co-op billboard opportunity. It is a scrolling billboard an if you are interested please let us know. We are having great success introducing this to the marketplace and continue to learn and add new ideas to help our customers get their message out and increase their business.

I am also having the time of my life continuing to add to my knowledge on social media all of the aspects that can be added to ones marketing and prospecting.

BTW tomorrow Maine South High School is playing Wheaton Warrenville on High School everyone should watch should be a barn burner.

Stats LI 482, FB 195/235 T 561/798.