The need for a postive attitude at all times.

It has been said that when the student is ready the teacher will come.

Last evening while working out and watching the Chicago Bears game, I was struck by the halftime piece on Corey Wotton, the Chicago Bears defensive lineman and Northwest Graducate.

Corey was a standout defenseive lineman on the NW Wildcats who was injured in the Collge Football All Star game, he injured his ACLS while attempting to sack a quarter back. So what does all that mean.

Well it meant that he wsa not drafted that year and had to go through rehibilation, it also meant that the next year he was not drafted in the first two days, one of his dreams. What did happen was that he drafted much later in the draft and is fighting for a spot on the Chicago Bears.

Throughout the interview he stressed the need to stay positive. the fact that he could not allow himself to become negative and have negative thoughts. He stated that he had no time for that he needed to push on and keep moving towards his goal.

As the Bears are finalizing their roosters, I can only hope they find a spot for this wonderful young man filled with hope and desire and perseverance. Something that we all can learn from.

As for me I was reminded of an important trait It is easy to go negative it is hard to stay positive and focused. Corey I am thankful for you reminding me of this and I will never forget your message.


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