Leads, Leads Leads

No business can survive without them, we all need them even in our personal lives. But we really never attempt to define what they are. In business a lead is not a listing of names from the phonebook or D/B it is a person that has raised his or her hand and stated simply yes I would like some more information about you and your company. However, who and how many people raise their hands are all dependent on how much work you do on the front end. Do you do inbound and outbound marketing. Do you have the a value proposition that really is different. Do you do all the things necessary to make that person want to raise their hand and state yes I want to work with you.

Lead generation is a funny thing, and lead nurturing is a very exact science. It is not for the faint at heart and must be done every day over and over and over. There in lies the rub, it must be done every day and over and over it is not something that you can do once a month or even a week and say that we are done. You must do it every day.

How to do it, well that is a different story for a tomorrow.

Stats as of Thursday September 9th

FB Fans 259/194 Twitter 601/871 Linked In 500++


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