So What are you doing about it?

This is the question that I have in my mind more and more as I meet with clients and prospects. When I ask the simple question to prospects: So how is business? and the answer bad. I always want to follow-up with so what are you doing about it. If business is bad what are you doing about it. Do you have new lead generation campaigns that are continuous and ongoing? Do you call old leads? Are you mailing old leads with new offers? Are you working on referrals or with center of influence or center of connections to drive new people into the pipeline? Is you pipe line full or is it stagnant.
Hope is not a strategy. Waiting for more is not a strategy, the world rewards forward movement and progress so along the way you need to do something, either old or new or different . But the key is to do something about it.

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The social media experiment Week 7:

Books, Friend with benefits, Linchpin Stats Twitter 634/921 FB 281/198 LI 500+


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