Postioning yourself if the marketplace. Do you have a long term or short term.

Every decision has a longer term effect on it then we think. When we talk about positioning our company, ourselves and what we do in the marketplace there is the short term effect and the longer term effect. The short term effect is easy to see and judge, the longer term effect is more difficult to quantify over time.
In reading Blue Ocean Strategy there was a great quote On watching your competition but not following your competition. Every day I meet with companies that are jumping in feet first to follow their competition without thinking about the long term strategy on why we should be doing this or most importantly why we should not be doing this.

So from today forward, watch but don’t follow.

Social Media status: Twitter 650 follower/907 following, Facebook 395/200, Linked In over 500+ I have also realized the key is to focus on the quality of the followers and the engagement not just grabbing numbers.



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