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The Power of Comments and Testimonials both good and bad

October 23, 2010

The other day my wife and I were looking for a service and came across a company that was really specialized. We called on company that we were referred to and was not impressed with their phone interaction with us but we were thinking that we would move forward. We then did an online search and read what others had thought about the services.

These were real live people who were expressing their views and experiences. We our initial thoughts were validated and we decided not to move forward with the company that were had been referred to, and we searched a little more to find another company that provided this service and hired them.

Lessons learned pay attention to what is being said both on and off-line and give your opinion to help others in need. On a side note Authors please stop having all of you other friends write unreal reviews of your books on Amazon, it is annoying and becoming more and more transparent that this is happening.


Lets all be safe today

October 12, 2010

Today in Chicago Is “Stop Texting and Talking While Driving” day. As I make a effort to be safer while I drive, no speeding, limited talking and only on headsets. No checking email or texting while driving. And NEVER talking in a school zone.

So lets all be safe today, tomorrow and forever and maybe save a life along the way. Lets stop texting, talking while driving today.