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What is Business Development anyway?

November 29, 2010

What is business development? It depends on your point of view.

Wikipedia defines business development this way: “In the field of commerce, the specialist area of business development comprises a number of techniques and responsibilities which aim at attracting new customers and at penetrating existing markets.”

The reality is that “business development” encompasses everything a business needs in order to grow.  But why do so many struggle with it or just do it badly? There is no pill, book, fast start guide, or app for this. Just good old fashion work. salesmenship and thinking about the customer and what their needs are or what their needs may be.

It is the life blood of any company new or old and needs to be on the forefront of every ones mind at all time.


Patience The Golden Virture of Business Dev

November 19, 2010

Patience. Many times it is referred to has a golden virtue. Do we have it, I think today has Bus Dev, Marketer and Sales Professionals we feel such pressure to make things (anything) happen that we have no patience. Their are times that I ask myself what is the appropriate amount of time to devote to new leads, prospects, projects.

In today’s immediate gratification world we are constantly looking for something to happen fast, right now, this minute. Do we move away from social media activities, lead generation programs and marketing campaigns because we have no time for patience to wait. In Seth Godin’s book The Dip there is a dip downward before we are on the trajectory upward. We need to have the patience for the dip to get to the “good stuff”.

Is Social Media a Media or Something Else

November 17, 2010

I have been thinking a ton about this over the past few weeks. months and days. The biggest question I have is: “Is social media a media or just a platform to extend the conversation further?”  The second part of the question is how do I layer social media in with traditional media so the two a synergistic.  To me the best option is to move the leads that I create from my traditional media to my social media platforms and continue and enhance the conversations there. The key is to make a meaningful first connection to gain the acceptance and right to move the conversation forward to other media platforms.


On a side note, I am writing my second book on SMB’s that have used Social Media to grow their business exponentially. if you have any case studies and would like to share to be interviewed for this book please let me know. Secondly, if you have anyone that would like to read this blog please forward it to them.

Coupon Redemption: The Key to Success for SMB

November 7, 2010

This week on the cover of Ad Age there are two great article about Coupon Redemption rates and the fact that everyone wants to be Groupon. The interesting fact is that Coupon Redemption rates continue to rise and no one talks about this and who the SMB can continue to use this to drive business to their doors. The key to all advertising is the get the cash register to ring, period. David Ogilvy was the largest fan of direct response advertising and the fact that the Direct Response Agencies were they only ones that truly knew what they were doing and what their success or failure rates were. Today more than ever advertising must pay for itself and be measurable.

Secondly with so many shiny new objections that are available and at our disposal has marketers we must be vigilant on what works and what makes the cash register ring.

Please Vote Today

November 2, 2010

The importance on the need to vote continues to be amplified every year. Each year our elections are closer and closer so every vote counts. So today I am asking you to join me and vote today.