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Predictions for 2011

December 29, 2010

I live in the world of marketing and sales everyday. So this is where I will make my predictions for 2011. Here are my thoughts and predictions for success in 2011:

1. Direct mail will make a dramatic surge to drive business.

2. Social media will continue to assist companies grow their revenue and awarness.

3. Professional sales people will continue to be the most important asset of your company. Those that are not professionals will continue to leave the professions.

4. Marketers will realize that their jobs is to sell.

5. Papers will continue to be irrelevant.

6. The economy will rebound by Q2 of 2011.

7. Design will continue to matter to drive response.

8. Solid copy will always make the difference between good ads and bad ads.


What we can learn from the Greatest Marketer in the world Santa Claus

December 19, 2010

While reflecting about this holiday season and Christmas and Santa Claus I realized that there is no better marketer then Santa Claus. Lets break down what he does better than everyone and what we can learn and apply to our business or non-profits.

The Power of The Story:

Santa Claus does it better than all. His stories are carried from generation to generation either via print or the spoke word. His stories have the held us captivate had young and old. We watch them on TV, read them in books, and listen to them on the Radio and share then with our children. Need I say more about the power of stories?

Get Close to Your Customers:

Who does it better then Santa; we wait in line over hours to sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what we want for Christmas. We write letters to him every year and send them to him. We can twit him, Face book friend or email him. There is no one better at soliciting input and requests from his customers.

Customer Selection:

Need I say more the Good List and The Naughty List? He targets his customer base and only serves those that fit his target categories and spend no time and energy serving the Naughty List. We can all learn from this targeting to maximize our return on investments by targeting and choosing to serve only the best customers.

The Power of Social Media and The Web:

We can track his flight all Christmas eve on the web; we communicate him via twitter, Facebook and other sites. Santa has truly immersed himself in the power of the web and social media, which are they way his younger customers, want to communicate with him.

If Advertising Fails Why does the Media Get the Blame

December 15, 2010

Many times we from people who the ad failed so the media that they used must not work. But when you look at the add it had no compeling reason for the reader to stop what they were doing and to call or email or send in for more information. It may have been a poorly designed direct mail piece or a newspaper ad. But you will never hear that the ad did not work just the media does not work.

Before we jump to say that the media were are using does or does not work, lets evaluate the advertising that we are creating also. Does it compel our target audience to take action? If not this may be the reason.