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QR Codes the Hotest Marketing Tactic You Can Use Today

February 21, 2011

QR Codes Usages to Drive Business to You


In today’s world of Marketing the fastest growing tactic is the use of QR Codes or 2-D Bar Codes to help you the marketer or business  owner drive business to your door.


The QR Code was first created in Japan to be used to tell the ripeness of fruits and vegetables. And to date the fastest segment of adoption is by 18-35 males.


The premise of this article already assumes that the user understands what a QR code is and how to create them for your business. This article is a listing of ideas and thoughts on how to use them to increase your business.


1.       Drive to a mobile website

2.       Promote dishes on a menu

3.       Promote beer/wine/spirit selections

4.       Video

5.       Weekly/Monthly Specials

6.       Promote something special within the business

7.       Customer Testimonials Website Page

8.       FAQ

9.       Restaurants to use if there are long waits

10.   On post of services pieces

11.   On all collateral pieces

12.   Push people to sign up for social media sites

13.   Call now button and link to a tracking number

14.   Google Places

15.   You Tube Video (Not recommended)

16.   Link to send a text

17.   Discount and Promotions for joining mailing list

18.   Register to get physical address

19.   Reward for Joining FB,

20.   Push people to email list

21.   Link to an ecommerce Site

22.   Supplement and increase your retail space

23.   Talk about something special in the business

24.   Use to develop loyalty programs or increase enrollment in loyalty programs

25.   Have customers and Fans use to promote your business to others to grow your fan base.

26.   Customer Testimonials Videos


One of the best Email Marketing Seminar I have attended in a long time…

February 13, 2011

Dan Zarella is a rock star in my mind.  What I mean he is a rocking mark star. I loved his seminar see the seminar at

The above link from Hubspot was one of the best seminars I have listened to in a long time. Enjoy it and let me know your thoughts.

Please it quotes a raper that I lover “It it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.”

The Great Groupon Debacle

February 12, 2011

What happen at the Super Bowl! In the marketing world all we are talking about his the ads, what was good Darth Vader and what was not Doritos and most importantly what was Groupon thinking?
There was more conversations up to the kick off about the fact that Groupon was going to run a SB Commercial. What was that going to mean? How cool was that? What is the impact?

So what happen? They ran their ads. The ads were horrible. The did not really apologize for them. They pulled them in less than a week.

Does this remind you of the pre-Internet Bubble for the 90’s? How does a marketing company miss the mark so much on their advertising and promotion.

The fact is they are not a marketing company, and in essence many of their companies that are running “deals” with them are finding them to not be profitable for them in the long run. In essence, Groupon deals are short-term cash flow strategy.


If Direct Mail is Dead why does Google use it?

February 4, 2011

Lately the activity in my mailbox both home and in the office has increased. Yes, direct mail is still alive. In fact it is alive and well and growing by leaps and bounds.

Whenever anyone says that Direct Mail is dead I remind them that Google uses it 3-5 times a month to my office and other offices in our building to grow their business. Yest that is right the worlds dominate player in the world of internet marketing uses direct mail for lead generation. Let me let that sink in for a few minutes. Google uses Direct Mail to grow. If Google is doing it shouldn’t you be doing it for your business? I think you know the answer already.