The Great Groupon Debacle

What happen at the Super Bowl! In the marketing world all we are talking about his the ads, what was good Darth Vader and what was not Doritos and most importantly what was Groupon thinking?
There was more conversations up to the kick off about the fact that Groupon was going to run a SB Commercial. What was that going to mean? How cool was that? What is the impact?

So what happen? They ran their ads. The ads were horrible. The did not really apologize for them. They pulled them in less than a week.

Does this remind you of the pre-Internet Bubble for the 90’s? How does a marketing company miss the mark so much on their advertising and promotion.

The fact is they are not a marketing company, and in essence many of their companies that are running “deals” with them are finding them to not be profitable for them in the long run. In essence, Groupon deals are short-term cash flow strategy.



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