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The Hard Part, doing the preparation

May 31, 2011

The hard part (one of them) A guy asked his friend, the writer David Foster Wallace, “Say, Dave, how’d y’get t’be so dang smart?”

His answer: “I did the reading.”

No one said the preparation part was fun, but yes, it’s important. I wonder why we believe we can skip it and still be so dang smart.he hard part (one of them)

The above was shamelessly stolen from Seth Godin blog but I liked it so much I wanted to share


Why Context Is King in Marketing and what you can do about it for your company.

May 16, 2011

I came across this in researching a article about the importance of context and what is means for us as marketers. An I wanted to get it out to you ASAP th

In an article on CNBC titled The New King: Context!, Nicholas Scibetta of Ketchum has reviewed the shift from the dominance of content to the prominence of context, including a reference to my recent article on the rise of contextual search.

Scibetta’s focus is the impact on brands. He writes:

Providing context, and thereby relevance, offers brands an authentic opportunity to connect with stakeholders on the stakeholder’s terms. It also enables the customization of messages to reflect the context. In today’s media environment, it’s crucial for brands to ask themselves how they are adding value to a piece of content through either the distribution or consumption of that content.

Said another way, does the brand show consumers they understand their world; what is important to them; and what they want to read, watch, and listen to? In addition to creating content that answers these and other similar questions, brands that create content that is tailored, for example, via distribution channel, location, or time of the month will have a leg up on others in cracking the “context” code and connecting with their stakeholders with authenticity and relevancy.

Absolutely. Brands today need to think of themselves as media companies, creating relevant, useful and interesting content to engage with the customers. Part of that journey is becoming as sophisticated as the best media organizations, not just in content creation, but in intelligently understanding and using context to create value. Those that do, will win.

What is the best question to ask ourselves

May 13, 2011

Ok, I have been a bad blogger, I have not posted in a while.

Today I was reading a LI post about what is the best question to ask ourselves before going into a sales meeting/call? Tom Black posted How can I help this client. I could not agree more.

The more I thought about it I think that is the most important question to ask before anything. How can I help my child be a better person. How can I help my wife? How can I help my company grow?

As I am typing this the Bulls have won their game against the Hawks and are moving to the conference finals. The anouncers kept saying that the Bulls were a very giving team, very unselfish. The asked themselves How Can I help my team mate be successful and help the organization win.
I am going to ask, how can I help/serve more than anything else.