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The Change of things to Come

June 24, 2011

The third screen, QR Codes, the mobile revolution, 2 feet, 4 feet, 12 feet…. I could go on and on but it all boils down to one thing.

The future of marketing in Mobile and everything that has to do with them. This week we lost power and the only way to communicate was with our smart phones and it crystalized for me the fact that all we will need in the future is our smart phones and tablets. That is it.

If your business does not have a mobile strategy start thinking about this today and act on it. Get to this space first before your competition and control the conversation.

IF you need help we can help just ask.


Why you should dare to be different.

June 17, 2011

Spending as much time as I do on local advertising: thinking about it, studying it, dissecting it, wondering why about it. In fact it is probably every waking moment when I am not with my family.

What I see is that it is the same old, sameĀ  old, no one is doing anything that is different. Take any ad that you see and remove the company name and phone, and it is interchangeable. No one is different, their is no value prop. No USP. No Call to Action other than call us today.

Spend some time with your ads and see if there is anything different about them. Why should the prospect pick up the phone to call you vs everyone else, or doing nothing.