Is Social So OVER?

The last few days I have been thinking about social media and its play/future in the marketing mix of the future and I began thinking about is social media over? I read a quote the other day that today’s business coaches are yesterdays real estate agents and life coaches. Could that be also said about social media “experts”

Yesterday on CNBC interview an social media start-up CEO exclaimed, much to the chargrin of his VC onlooker that Apple is the most talked about company in social media channels BUT has no social media presence at all. None. Now that caused  me to pause and think about what I have been thinking about over the past few months.

But the two questions that I ask is where if anywhere does social media play out and is it dead? Or was it never really anything.

Come on lets get real if Jeffery Gitmore is writing books about Social Media didn’t we really know its time was over.


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