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New York State of Mind

August 7, 2011

The other day for my birthday my business partner treated me to the New York Yankees vs Chicago White Sox game. Needless to say it was a great evening and game Yankees won 18-7 weather was 72 and plenty of brats and beer.

I could not help to make a couple of observations about the difference between the two teams.

First the Yankees have created great star power, there is a mystic about them they play it to the nines.

Secondly, they show up to win, the hustle, run out every ground ball, and want to win. They are focused determined and have the look in their eye that they will win. They are on the field working out early, take ground balls practice like it is a real game and want to win.

Third, they play to the crowd, marketing, they make sure every kid gets a ball and play to their mystic.

Finally, they are winners, they expect to win and will win. While the Sox are the home team over 50% of the fans that night are there for the Yanks. That says a lot.