What is new in local marketing? Direct Mail and it is working!!!

What is the newest thing in local and national marketing that is working? Direct Mail, yes really direct mail. It is seeing a great surge in volume for the local advertiser and the national advertiser. Why, because it works, it always has and always will work. Though we spent the whole first half of this year and last year talking about social media. Thousands of “experts” should up and wanted to tell you how it is the next “shiny new object” everyone tweeted, posted, poked, linked, and friended. But nothing happen, no new customers were found and the time that was spent can never be brought back.

So now we are back to what works and what needs to be done to drive business to our door. Direct mail, response driven advertising, the tried and true basics that work and have worked for the ages. use them to drive business to your doors, keep doing the other stuff is you like, but remember it is media not strategy. All media is good and bad the key is how you use them.


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