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Interesting Addition to Amazon’s Review Process

November 25, 2011

In looking at some items on Amazon the other day, I noticed the button on Verified Purchaser Review and I fell in love with it immediately. The biggest complainant/question that most people have with Amazon reviews (in fact all Review Websites) is that most  people who review a book are plugs, they have not purchases the book and our nothing more than a friend of the author or have an axe to grind with the book or product.

However this is now all gone away. Well done Amazon, Yelp maybe you can learn a thing or two from just. Just a thought.


What ever happen to professional courtesy?

November 1, 2011

Has the internet changed us with the ability to get twitter followers overnight for a day or two until you follow them back and then they leave you or buy FB friends that do not mean anything, have we really lost our professional courtesy overnight?

I have been struck by the company’s that joins an email subscriber group just to get you to join theirs then they leave yours but continue to spam your email. I mean I agreed out of professional courtesy to follow you because I thought at some time we may do business together so I wanted to know that your company is doing.

But really please, like me for a week and leave me and then want to continue the relationship. Is that what we are coming to? Once you remove yourself from the relationship remove yourself completely from the relationship. Your like the past fling that breaks up but still wants to date on your term.