Why Most Print Ads and Direct Mail Ads Fail

We look at thousands of ads every days has Americans, some a good, some really bad and most are bland. When we are RSVP evaluate ads the most common mistake that I see will be outlined in the  following blogs. Correct these in your advertising and watch your response skyrocket.
1. No compelling headline. Our worse, the name of the company. Grab the attention of the reader with your headline and capture them and draw then into your copy and ad. David Olgivy stated that the reader is 5 times more likely to read your headline than anything else in your ad.

Look at the newspaper, magazine, National Inquiry etc and read only the headlines, see which ones work, which one don’t and ask why. If you find words that you like then keep a file of them. If you find headlines that work keep a file of those.

If you would like an free evaluation of your ads send them to me at nick@rsvpchicago.com or call me at 847-939-6065


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