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50 Best Mobile Marketing Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

Published by Erin Johansson on Tue Jan 04, 2011

The latest buzz in marketing often focuses on social media, but an “underground” segment also focuses on mobile marketing, or the ability for retailers and service businesses to market to people who own cell phones. The following list consists of 50 mobile marketing blogs, or blogs that at least focus a good percentage of their writing on marketing for mobile products. These blogs, written by marketers, developers and entrepreneurs, all were created since January 2009.

The following list is categorized by 2009 and 2010, and each link is listed by the month of creation, noted after each description. Note that some businesses may have been created years before their blogs.

Mobile Phone History2009

  1. Camerjam: It’s difficult to state when Camerjam began their blog, but records go back to January 2009. Camerjam is a conference and events company with a passion for all things mobile (January).
  2. Fashionably Marketing. Me: Although the site was launched in 2008, the archives only go to January 2009. In 2010, FMM expanded its articles to cover ROI, sales conversions and more advanced digital marketing strategies (January).
  3. Finger Food: This blog belongs to 5th Finger, a mobile marketing company and “a retailer’s best secret weapon” (January).
  4. Resonance Blog: Records show 2009, placing this advanced communications blog in January (January).
  5. Viral Curve: Comments, commentary, tutorials and general viral “chitter chatter” about viral marketing (January).
  6. Dale Rankine: Rankine’s role is to develop innovative user experiences and applications for smartphones and implement the Appland team’s strategy and roadmap (February).
  7. Mobile Software Development: Tune in to learn information on software development on mobile platforms, mostly Java ME and Android (March).
  8. The Really Mobile Project: This is a mobile-focused video show and website, brought to you by Ben Smith, Dan Lane, James Whatley and Vikki Chowney with regular guest contributors (March).
  9. Mobile Developer TV: Each show centers on one or two people in the mobile development space (April).
  10. Nokiamobileperry: Bill Perry is the Sr. Services Marketing Manager for Forum Nokia based in California and is leading Nokia’s global efforts to support developers for Ovi Store (April).
  11. Netwits Think Tank: An online resource for nonprofit organizations working with social media, internet marketing, and online fundraising (April).
  12. Indigo 102: Indigo 102 is an independent consultancy built on a passion to drive the mobile internet environment. (June).
  13. Mobile Commerce Daily: This site is becoming a mobiel commerce news leader. Although their record was created in June this year, the newsletter archive only reaches back to October 2009 (June).
  14. Urban Airship: The engine behind thousands of apps, Urban Airship’s breakthrough technology makes mobile apps far more engaging, effective, and efficient (June).
  15. Smaato: This blog is maintained by a pioneering mobile advertising company that operates the mobile ad optimization platform (June).
  16. Adfonic: This blog is maintained by a European global media marketing tool (July).
  17. Digital Lunch: The goal of this blog is to stay in the loop of news/trends that are changing traditional PR & marketing and make it further open to the online space (July).
  18. Empowered MLM Marketer: For fees, you can access the blogs, generate leads and receive MLM success (July).
  19. Mobilod Mobile Marketing News: This blog is targeted at mobile marketing and using mobile phones in strategic communications (August).
  20. TextingMobsessed: A UK blog, created by Carl Martin, an evangelist of the mobile industry, and “self confessed mobsessive” (August).
  21. The Text Works: The Text Works is an online mobile messaging service for business and part of the Piri Ltd. (August).
  22. Appboy: Providing app goodness since and ideas for apps since 2009 (September).
  23. Footprints: Walker Sands is an agency that covers public relations, marketing, Web design & development, search engine optimization, social media, technology and more (September).
  24. Rapture Image: This is Harrison Tonne’s blog, the owner of Rapture Image marketing (September).
  25. Chris Koch’s B2B Marketing Blog: A B2B blog about PR and technology (October).
  26. Leonardo Risulo: Risuleo is an Italian freelance mobile developer / designer and “eternal student” (October).
  27. Moto Message Blog: Moto Message gives you back control of your marketing with an easy, fast and effective text message marketing platform (October).
  28. Event Mobile Marketing Blog: Tap into some serious mobile marketing tips and tricks (November).
  29. Flash Widgets: Blog: A Flash Lite developer blog that showcases code snippets and more (November).
  30. AndroidSocial Email Marketing: Not limited to email, this blog touches on all aspects of marketing, including mobile (December).
  31. Tell My Cell: This mobile marketing blog covers the latest news in that arena (December).
  32. Word Of Mouth Marketing Blog: Reviews of companies, products and other news in blogging, social media and finance (December).
  33. YouMobile: Since this site was created in 2009, all blogs on this site are fairly fresh, and deal with tools, marketing and public relations (December).


  1. SEO Consult Blog: Covering various marketing and SEO concepts with one focus on mobile marketing (January).
  2. The Launch Blog: The Launch Blog is written by employees of Launch Creative Marketing on advertising and marketing-related topics such as industry insights, launch life, trending and more (January).
  3. Blue Chilli Marketing Blog: Blue Chilli offers their take on advertising, ROI, POS and public relations (March).
  4. imagineric: A Flash developer who currently plays with AS3, AIR, Flex Builder 3, Spry, Dojo, SVN, Eclipse, MTASC, and all the other fun stuff that goes with it (March).
  5. Do You Mobi? Mobile marketing and SEO blog that offers links and reviews (April).
  6. OnPath: This blog is maintained by OnPath Business Solutions, Canada’s largest and most sophisticated multimedia B2B Marketing Services Bureau serving Technology, Energy, Media, Finance and Government clients since 1993 (April).
  7. QR CodeiZigg: A blog focusing on the iZigg approach to mobile marketing, including tips and practices (May).
  8. SMS Mobile Marketing Blog: This blog is dedicated to all facets of SMS mobile marketing (May).
  9. The Market Reacher: Record created in February, and the blog began a few months later. This is a source for information on B2B marketing strategies and tactics (May).
  10. Prospect Research: A Blackbaud site that is an online resource for knowledge sharing and best practices in prospect research (July).
  11. Mobimastermind: This training site has free video access, but you must become a member to participate in learning from Danny Mallinder (August).
  12. Screen World Media: The Screen World Media team is a collection of four of Vancouver’s best business development talent. In early 2010 they came together to build a project that would capitalize on the Vancouver Olympics opportunity. In August, they launched this blog (August).
  13. .Com Marketing: .Com Marketing offers an entire range of interactive marketing and advertising services and programs to deliver the best results for clients (September).
  14. Friends Asking Amy: Another Blackbaud site focused on supporting development staff with fundraising events (September).
  15. The Range Blog: Range Online Media has been ranked in the 2010 Advertising Age magazine’s 30 Best Companies to Work for in Marketing and Media (September).
  16. One Mobile Media Blog: One Mobile Media is a team of mobile strategists, designers, and developers who share a passing for helping businesses grow (October).
  17. Digital Dames: Carrie Valentine and Christine Rochelle are taking digital marketing success to the next level with their new blog (November).

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