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3 Biggest Problems of Entrepenuers have

January 12, 2013

3 Biggest Problems of Entrepenuers have.


A reprint I wanted to Share from Tell All Marketing Blog my new favorite

January 12, 2013

Reprinted from Tell All Marketing Blog

Consumers Say: Most Marketing is ‘A Bunch of B.S.’

October 24, 2012

By Ray Schultz

Consumers and marketers look at the world through different lenses.

Over half of all consumers feel that most marketing is “a bunch of B.S.,” according to a new survey by Adobe. Worse, they rank advertising and marketing among the least four valuable professions to society.

But the two sides are closer than you might think. Marketers are even more likely to place their jobs in the bottom four. And like consumers, they favor traditional media over online.

Of the consumers surveyed, 45% prefer to see ads in print magazines and 23% on their favorite TV shows. Only 11% would rather view Web ads.

And while they’re engaged in social media, they wish the networks had “dislike” buttons, not just “like.” Marketers largely feel the same way.

Meanwhile, consumers are not much moved when a friend “likes” a product on a social network.

The largest percentage, 35%, said they would do nothing. Another 20% “do not visit social networking sites.” Still, 29% would check out the product and 14% would visit its Web site.

But there’s the rub. Only 2% would buy it. And 1% would de-friend the person who liked the product.

In general, 45% of the consumers polled say that traditional media is best for marketing and advertising. Next on the list are family/friends/coworkers (36%) and consumer forums/publications (28%). While their numbers are lower, marketers put their choices in the same order.

However, marketers are more likely than consumers to favor company sites, news sites, company social media pages and industry publications are the best ad channels.

Overall, consumers pay less attention to ads than they do the speed limit. Spouses, dentists, bosses, parents, kids and teachers all get more notice. Ads in apps and games are all but ignored.

What do consumer want to see in advertising?

First, they think ads should “tell a unique story, not just try to sell something.’ They prefer videos to the written word, user product reviews to ads and in-store experiences over online.

Here are some more factoids:

  • 94% of the consumers believe marketing is strategic, compared with 98% of the marketers. The numbers are similar for the question of whether marketing drives sales.
  • 69% of consumers uses social media, compared with 83% of marketers.
  • Consumers believe that women are more susceptible to advertising than men.

Adobe surveyed 1,250 people, including 1,000 consumers and 250 marketing decision makers in the U.S.

Consumers agree that:

  • Advertisements should tell a unique story, not just try to sell—73%
  • Video is worth 1,000 words—67%
  • User product reviews are the best source of truth—67%
  • In-store experiences trump online experience—67%
  • Televisions commercials are more effective than online—66%
  • People buy what celebrities wear/like—57%
  • The Super Bowl is the best advertising opportunity of the year—57%
  • Web banner advertisements do not work—54%
  • Most marketing is a bunch of B.S.—53%
  • Beautiful advertising is more effective—51%
  • Online advertising is creepy and stalks you—46%
  • Advertising works between on women than on men—44%
  • Online advertising isn’t effective—30%
  • No one watches TV commercials anymore—27%
  • All ‘likes’ are good in social media—22%
  • Every brand needs a funny viral video—19%
  • Advertising works better on men than women—12%

The Most Important Element to Every Ad

January 6, 2013

The Headline and the Offer. Those two items are the most important elements to the ad. If you do not have one in each of you ad do not run the ad, save your money.

If you look at the ad below you can see a very strong headline to draw you to the ad. Does it work for your you. As a new element to our blog this year we are going to feature ads that work and focus on what we are describing in the blog post.

If you have favorite a favorite ad please send them our way so we can share and discuss

If you are looking for some ideas of headlines that work try some of these on for size

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Photo: Today is the premiere of the 2013 season of Under the Influence. We launch with: "Shame: The Secret Tool of Marketing." Shame has been a selling strategy for many products for decades, but bad breath and body odours were not socially unacceptable 100 years ago. Social shame had to be cultivated by advertisers. It's a fascinating evolution.</p><br />
<p>Remember, you can follow along with all the print ads and TV commercials at CBC Radio One at 11:30am in most time zones.