The Most Important Element to Every Ad

The Headline and the Offer. Those two items are the most important elements to the ad. If you do not have one in each of you ad do not run the ad, save your money.

If you look at the ad below you can see a very strong headline to draw you to the ad. Does it work for your you. As a new element to our blog this year we are going to feature ads that work and focus on what we are describing in the blog post.

If you have favorite a favorite ad please send them our way so we can share and discuss

If you are looking for some ideas of headlines that work try some of these on for size

The Secret of Making People Like You
Five Familiar Skin Troubles — Which Do You Want To Overcome?
How I Improved My Memory In One Evening
A Challenge To Women Who Would Never Dream Of Serving Margarine
Everywhere Women Are Raving About This Amazing New Shampoo!
Six Types Of Investors — Which Group Are You In?
Does Your Child Ever Embarrass You?
The Biggest Problems You’ll Have With Most Plumbers…And How XYZ Overcomes Them All.
To People Who Want To Write — But Can’t Get Started
Buy No Desk — Until You’ve Seen This Sensation Of The Business Show

Photo: Today is the premiere of the 2013 season of Under the Influence. We launch with: "Shame: The Secret Tool of Marketing." Shame has been a selling strategy for many products for decades, but bad breath and body odours were not socially unacceptable 100 years ago. Social shame had to be cultivated by advertisers. It's a fascinating evolution.</p><br />
<p>Remember, you can follow along with all the print ads and TV commercials at CBC Radio One at 11:30am in most time zones.



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