Some thoughts about the offer Courtesy of Target Market Magazine

  • “It’s the offer, stupid.” —Bob Hacker
  • “If you want to dramatically increase your response, dramatically improve your offer.” —Axel Andersson
  • “The right offer should be so attractive only a lunatic would say no.” —Claude Hopkins
  • Give the reader a chance to make a deal with you-not tomorrow or next week, but RIGHT AWAY.” —Maxwell Sackheim
  • “Make it easier to say yes than to say no.” —Maxwell Sackheim
  • “It must be a bargain in one form or another.” —Maxwell Sackheim
  • “The computer is a moron.” —Peter Drucker
  • If you can come up with a two-word description of business model (e.g., “Cheap MIPS,”) you are brilliant.
  • Tim Prunk beat my favorite business model description by four words—Jay Leno’s “Write joke. Tell joke. Get check.”

These are courtesy of Denny Hatch, Target Market


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