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Lesson Learned from #ICON14

April 27, 2014

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend ICON14 and let me tell you the case for small business was very strong. You could feel the energy in the room along with many business doing many great things.

It is now on my must attend for every year.

Here is what I learned:

automate everything that you can.

Culture come first, create it, live it, breath it

Look for scalable actions.

Create tribes and followers.

Go tot he fringes that is where the fun in.

Develop systems, people and process


Why I love the SaleHack Conference

April 10, 2014

This week I have been devouring the 2013 Sale Hack Conference feel free to connect with this link to see what I am talking about The premise is put together by Aaron Ross, one of the best thought leaders in sales that I know of. The Udemy platform is a great concept which is a platform for sharing your information either for free or for a small fee.

Now back to sales hacker it is a bunch of people sharing their information and wanting to make the sales process better and giving more to their clients and prospects. Which is a must watch for all.