The Next Big Disruption in Sales

I have been thinking a lot lately about the next big disruption in Sales and the co-habitation of Sales and Marketing to drive a business to the next level. If you are selling the same way has you did 20 years ago you better make some radical changes to your process.

I think the advancements in inbound marketing, the uses of SDR, openers vs closers, hunters and farmers is all intriguing, but at the end of day i also realize that people still buy from other people. It makes no differnence if you are selling B:B or B:C it is P:P that make the sales. I know that we want to push people to websites, have them answer or emails or just buy because we only hit send, but that is not how the world works, that is not how commerce is created. You have to know how to sell, how to move someone to purchase.


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