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Marketing March Madness with My Brackets for Marketing Success

March 14, 2012

RSVP March Madness Marketing Brackets

Here are my favorite Marketing Tactics all set up in bracketology lets see who wins


Marketing March Madness with My Brackets for Marketing Success

March 14, 2012

RSVP March Madness Marketing Brackets

Here are my favorite Marketing Tactics all set up in bracketology lets see who wins

Disruptive Solutions What is next on the horizon

January 29, 2012

I have been thinking a ton lately about disruptive solutions and what may be next on the horizons especially for SMB marketplace. Groupon hit the world by storm, does it have long-term legs can it go the distance? Time will tell for both business and the marketplace. Obviously Amazon continues to change the way we shop. Methods changed Soap (talk about changing a commoditized product). What is next out there? What needs disruptive change.. Do we even know or does it just hit us and then hit a tipping  point.

I spend most of my time in the Small to Medium size business (SMB’s) and we think every day how can we help them get their marketing message to their target audience and grow you revenues. For some it is about survival for others it is about going to the next level. But every day we try to come up with solutions that will help them. But what I want to come up with is what is really disruptive what will really change the world of marketing for the good. Or maybe there is not one

What is happending to daily deal sites… Part 2

September 6, 2011

Last week I forgot to mention that Yelp also cancelled their daily deal sites.  I usually do not pay attention to anything to do with Yelp for many reason, look to later posts, but this one they got right.

Their CEO stated that he did not see a sustainable business model where you are given away half the revenue. I could not agree more.

What is happening with Daily Deal Sites? Like we did not see this coming…

September 3, 2011

This week, Facebook Closed down their daily deal site and services, the Chicago Tribune closed down their daily deal site. Living Social and Groupon saw limited visits to their sites. Groupon stated that they will cut their marketing expenditure to $0.00 to get to profitability in 3 year??? Really cutting your sales and marketing expense to nothing is going to get you to profitability.  Are daily deal sites a passing fad. Were they ever really a business model

Now don’t get me wrong, I think some of the deals were great for the customers, and probably a great way for cash infusion for cash strapped small business. But the downstream consequences of these deals needed to be thought through. What was our acquisition cost per customer. What was the long-term position of this to our business and our brand. Will we keep the customer that we acquire, if so what percentage is acceptably for me to make money.

For the business that were started what is the long-term strategy? What is our competitive distinction and differention? How will we make money in this competitive environment? How will acquire new customer and build our consumer database?

At the end of the day, the daily deal site was a great idea but the question is for who. And was it ever really more than a lead generation model or sampling for the year 2011.

The Great Groupon Debacle

February 12, 2011

What happen at the Super Bowl! In the marketing world all we are talking about his the ads, what was good Darth Vader and what was not Doritos and most importantly what was Groupon thinking?
There was more conversations up to the kick off about the fact that Groupon was going to run a SB Commercial. What was that going to mean? How cool was that? What is the impact?

So what happen? They ran their ads. The ads were horrible. The did not really apologize for them. They pulled them in less than a week.

Does this remind you of the pre-Internet Bubble for the 90’s? How does a marketing company miss the mark so much on their advertising and promotion.

The fact is they are not a marketing company, and in essence many of their companies that are running “deals” with them are finding them to not be profitable for them in the long run. In essence, Groupon deals are short-term cash flow strategy.