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The Yin and Yang of Social Media

January 23, 2011

Does there need to be some filter for truth with social media. In looking over Yelp comments for clients you wonder how many of them are true. When reading reviews on Amazon you wonder how many of them are just from friends or requests. There needs to be some filter for truth, we should not allow posts that are vents, rants and untrue, that are from friends or solicited or are not true or based on actual experiences.


Do you know what you want?

January 15, 2011

I have been thinking about this since the start of the New Year, by know some of us may have stopped moving towards our resolutions and others are continuing towards them. The key I believe is to really know what you want. What is burning inside of you today to make happen. What do you need to do vs want to do if it is easy. The world is split into two people those that do and those that do not. Do not be upset if you are surrounded by those that do not. Just do. Know what you want and move towards that every day.

One of my favorite quotes from Robert Parker’s Book Gunman’s Rhapsody is “Knowing what to do is easy, doing it is hard.” We could people do allot more every day by remembering that quote.

Is Selling Dead? Intersting Post about this topic.

January 7, 2011

Great a post that is very interesting and thought provoking post. Please see the attached link by Dan Waldschmidt. This is a must read posting and blog for every sales person.